Do-it-Yourself Divorce in Missouri 

In these tuff economic times many people are looking for ways to save money on their divorce. Couples have many choices in Missouri to reduce the costs of their divorce.

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There are many pitfalls that you want to avoid when doing a self-represented divorce. We offer serveral plans that allow you to work with a Experienced Divorce Attorney in our office at a reduced or fixed cost.

Do-it-Yourself Missouri Divorce

Do-it-Yourself (Self-Represent) Divorce

If you choose to do-it-yourself, it does not mean you have to go it alone in your divorce. We help clients all over Missouri with self-represent/do-it-yourself divorces and uncontested divorces (sometimes called non-contested). There are many pitfalls to avoid when attempting to file a self-represented divorce. We offer several plans that allow you to work with a licensed attorney in our office at a reduced or fixed cost. These plans allow you to receive relevant legal advice without sacrificing the peace of mind you need in regards to the costs of your divorce.  Read more.

Uncontested Missouri Divorce

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Not all divorces qualify to use the self-represent/do-it-yourself forms. If you do not qualify, we can still help reduce your costs with our other uncontested divorce approaches. Give us a call for a free phone consultation about your divorce.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer. Whichever legal services plan you choose from our Firm, you will receive timely responses from our experienced legal staff. Each client is assigned an experienced family law attorney licensed in Missouri. Your attorney will provide you relevant, timely, legal advice regarding your case. Read more.

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